July's Missing Splash Contest! 😨 **OPEN**


Shh… it’s MysteriousAcro and I’m holding a search aka, contest to find skilled, fantastic, missing splashes. If YOU have found a piece of artwork, must be found by YOU Must be made or drawn by you, no stealing!, than please present the missing art and you might win a life time prize! $1,000,000! Not really… But if you STOLE it, you will be disqulifed!

What does it look like?
-Can be any type of splash
-1 entry per person ONLY
-Must have your name on the art, otherwise, no prize if you win!
-If you find one, please call @MysteriousAcro please tag @MysteriousAcro if you post it
-Please no nude or discrimination or anything related to sex. Must be appropriate

1st Prize:1st_place_medal:
-I will follow you on Insta
-Get any piece of art from Episode Studio for free!
-A feature and a shout out in my upcoming story, Secret Child Agents: Choices Matter
-Your winning art on my Instagram or Google
-Your art possibly used in my story! :wink:
-Judge in my next contest in August!

2nd Prize :2nd_place_medal:
-A follow on Insta
-Get your piece of art displayed on Insta
-Receive a character edit or a profile picture!
-A shout out to you and your art in my story

3rd Prize :3rd_place_medal:
-A follow on Inta
-Your art displayed in my story along with a shout out to you
-Your art on my Insta


Thank you, for giving your time up to find the missing Splash, but the deadline, before Princess Blah-Bow_Haga arrives and finds out that her Splash is missing, is 28/7/18! Yes, exactly 20 days before time is UP!

Good Luck Detectives, let’s hope you find it!


Yay!!! So excited and can’t wait other see the art ladies and gents!!!




Do we pm you?

No, do it on here!

Can we change our entry? For example post one and decide to post the other?

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Sure! Just tell me🤗

Can everyone please post their entries on this thread? Thanks

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oh it looks good

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THank you I couldn’t do it without your help

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Heh, it’s not my best piece of work, but here it is, @MysteriousAcro


My name is at the bottom. :slight_smile:

(this is the actual version!)

Hey @MysteriousAcro! Hope this is good…

not the best but ok

wow its amazingggggggg

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Just a bump!

Remember still 15 more days!

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Heres my quick entry

Good luck to abyone entering!

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Here My Entry :relaxed: :slightly_smiling_face:

Hope you like it also good luck to everyone else :wink:

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