Jumping in my sleep....halp

so i need help…

when ever im just lying in my bed, i suddenly, fall off my bed or my body jumps like I’ve had an electric shock…
is this normal cos its not like a was falling in my dream…this was just proper,lying in my bed and suddenly having a bounce :no_mouth: . its kinda scary and i just dont know how to stop it.
Its honesty REALLY annoying how my body just jerks, FOR NO REASON WHATS SO EVER! :joy: :rage:

Does anyone know how to stop it and what it is.?..


Idk how to stop it honestly? It happens to me when I sleep in class tho which is weird I’ll either jump or like scream a little or talk somewhat :rofl: main reason I don’t sleep too much in class anymore. But that’s a good question


Yes, I get that too.

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i get it too and it’s so scary because i have no control and i’m just like okay am i dying and then i wake up lmao


Your body jerks because when you are falling asleep, your body goes to sleep but your mind remains active, this confuses your mind and it causes you to jolt out of sleep.

This can be caused by anxiety, sleep deprivation and discomfort while sleeping. Exercising before bed can also cause these jolts, and they can also be caused by smoking or drinking before bed.

Playing soothing music before you sleep helps, or doing a meditation, and there are also pills you can take that can help- it’d be a good idea to bring it up with a doctor if these jolts happen several times a night or every night.

This is common- so don’t worry!


ok thank you :hearts:

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…i dont knooooww … its been happening alot

You should probably bring it up, it may not be a big issue but it could lead to a bigger problem

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Oh man, I get this a lot and I have no clue tbh even though I do exercise regularly

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