Jumping into the pool...?

I’m trying to make my character jump into the pool. (I literally spent 30 mins trying to make this work…)
I’m using the jump_happy_loop animation to do it but no matter what way I try, it just seems so awkward…
Can anyone help me? :tired_face: :tired_face:

I’m not good at directing stories, but maybe you could try a water splash overlay? Have the character jump in the pool and disappear after the overlay appears

I’d do something like

@CHARACTER is jump_happy_loop and pause for 0.6 THEN CHARACTER walks to spot… in … and CHARACTER does it while transition_stand_to_squat_neutral

The spot is where the character is supposed to arrive in the water

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He looks a little bit awkward but I think it works, thanks! :wink:

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I know :woman_facepalming: but unfortunately episode doesn’t have that kind of animation :sweat_smile:

tru…thanks tho! :smile:

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