Jungle's Application Form


Hello! Welcome To Jungle. We are a group of Artist that Love to draw And are Caring. We know that there are a lot of Art groups Nowadays. But, this art group is very different. What we do that is different is we set our selves in a group with one of our members. so if one of our members can’t do a request with their partner or help each other the whole group helps each other and trys to get better of what we have trouble with.

Welp Lol done with that alright now let’s get to the basics

Most of us chat on discord.

Which we text each other every day lol

We don’t make fun of anyone.

Because that is just rude and disrespectful.

To all of the other Art groups we do not start drama.

Because that will start problems.

We Are a new group that loves other people art.

We are glad you made it!

We hope to see you in our group!

Here’s the link to join thx for coming by!


                                                                ~ _From Jungle_


I Applied!


Thx so much




Good luck with your new group! Glad you will keep drama out as that seems to be the downfall of most groups. In otherwords hopefully your not a hothead like me lol


lol Madi


I mean it’s true




Do I have to know how to make art


Can I still apply?


Also we video chat on discord


Also we have movie night every friday


Add that


You guys video chat? That’s kind of scary…


If you want


We dont force you too


Yes you can apply