Just a bit curious!

Hey guys !
I just want to know what makes people exit a story without reading it completely ?


bad directing.
its boring
Too much narration describing feelings.
not liking the MC

and worst of all my ADHD there cant conetrade about a story that well :sweat_smile:


bad grammar
bad directing
Longgg author introductions (Ive done this a lot of times In my stories and now I dislike it some much)
Toxic characters


Tbh author introductions in general are red flags for me


they are. author introduction explaining stuff, or saying sorry is a big red flag of a bad story,

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  • Poor grammar
  • Too much cliches.
  • Bad directing
  • Less diversity in any way.

As I understand some people are not first-language English speakers, I tend to let a few errors with grammar or spelling go.
Now text language makes me close out stories. I don’t want to read “LOL!” – just use a laugh animation and move on.

Bad directing. I’d rather see a story with basic spotting and a linear story than have “advanced” coding and options, branches that don’t sync or are just badly done.

Cliches became cliches for a reason. They’re entertaining. Now if it’s done badly, I leave.
If you’re going to use a cliche or two-- find a way to make it your own.

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**Bad Grammar
**Bad directing
**Cliché plots
**Too many gem choices
**Having to wait to read another episode because it’s locked with gem choices (This is the most frustrating gem choice ever)

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Boring characters

Bad writing, including flat dialogues, bad grammar, and syntax errors that don’t even make sense

Tropes I don’t like

When the author puts zero effort into directing

Authors explaining stuff on a black screen

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