Just a BRUH moment

This is random but like the light went out in the zone I live in, one hour ago. Finally it came back like a few minutes ago and after one minute it went out again…so here I am suffering again in the dark without wifi :moyai:


o o f :sparkles:

hope the light comes back on soon…? love your pfp btw


That was me last week. Our power went out in our little town for 882 families at 5:30pm. They said they’d get is fixed by 7:30pm. They ended up getting it fixed around 5:00am

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be safe!!!


It should come back around 5am :moyai: Thank you :eye::tongue::eye:

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bruh that sucks, the power this month is just bad

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Dude my power also went out a month ago for 2 days :new_moon_with_face: me and my family had to stay in a hotel
But having no power sucks


2 days??? Thats a lot of time

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