Just a guy joining the fandom

They’re life!


Aye bro. Welcome to the forums. If you need help, feel free to come to me, I got more than a year of an experience on this wild forums.


Hi Jojo, I’m JoJo! Well, my name is Joanna, but I go by JoJo. If you’re ever interested in writing a story, I’ll be more than glad to help. I can recommend some of my favorite stories if you like.

Heyyy!:slightly_smiling_face: welcome to the forums! If you need any help we are glad to help you! :two_hearts:

Hiyaa there welcome to Forums btw!

Hello welcome to the forums :blue_heart::teddy_bear:

Welcome! :relaxed:

Hey, Welcome to the Forums!!! :partying_face: I’m Grace, I’m 15, and I live in IL! Hmu if you need help with anything, I’ve had Episode for 2 1/2 years and the wild Forums for a bit over a year. I own a lil creative art shop on here and love helping people out! So plz hmu… I’m usually bored as heck anyway :joy:

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