Just a little thank you

So as some users are aware I have been a little low lately, things are looking a bit better recently and I still use humour as a way of dealing with how I’m feeling, this includes the “dumb solutions game.”

I think there has been a few times I replied with something real one was that I had tested positive for Covid… which I had on a lateral flow test (tested negative on the proper one.) and the other was that I’d lost my motivation again true I wasn’t having the best of days

But I knew that a dumb solution would make me smile at it, after all laughter is the best medicine.

What I wasn’t expecting and I am so grateful for is someone to inbox me to check how I was. Seriously it made my day just for someone to see what I had posted and decided to see if I was ok it means the world especially in dark times when it feels like no one cares.

@CamElliot Once again thank you so much for checking in, It’s people like you who give people who struggle hope that there are other out there that do care.

Thank you so much


Oh my god… I don’t know what to say. :sob:

But I know you’ve been through a lot… :sweat_smile: I read the other posts you’ve posted on about yourself and what you’ve been through, it broke me… because someone as brave as you was able to tell your story. It takes guts, and all the other people who shared their story is amazing… I really don’t know how you guys do it. When you said you had covid… it broke me, because I know how it is…I had it too. Seeing something that happened to you and that happened to me… I knew I had to check on you… :sweat_smile: so really you don’t need to thank me.


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