Just a non-epi related question


Anyone cringe at ddlg relationships, like the partner calling the male Role daddy.


Yepperoo that’s me!


Haha, I just love your username :green_heart::green_heart:


Who doesn’t girly?


Idk, I guess no one, lol.


Or this Instagram posts involving it…
“Baby - I want a cookie
Daddy - no dinners in an hour
baby gets cookie anyways
Daddy - Guess I’ll punish you ;));:)/( Let’s change your diapy then do it on the changing table.”
Like wtf


Very cringe. I heard a girl say “ooh daddy” during a workshop at uni - I wish I had enough dettol in the world to clean my memory out of that but here I am :expressionless::joy:


My mom has some dettol, want some?


Sure, let me just PM you my address :joy::joy:




Can’t stand it, lol


I feel bad for the disrespect to all fathers out there


Hey @Tessx I’m ready for my next request!


Yay send me the deets :blush: