Just a question about editing πŸ’•

I was wondering what apps or websites do people use to make episode edits? Because I want to attempt to make some and learn.


Hey!! Do you mean like edits or drawings?

Edits x

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For edits, I use pixlr x for cutting out images and custom poses then i use picsart for effects, decor and finetuning. I also recommended ibis paint x.
for edits too but personally i don’t use that since i recently got it.

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I use magic eraser, ibisPaint, PicsArt and/or Phonto, depending on what I’m doing or if I’m adding text :slightly_smiling_face:


^^using all the apps I mentioned above.

^^all apps except Phonto.

^^ only magic eraser and ibisPaint.

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Thank you <3

Thank you. :blob_hearts: I love you examples :3

Thank you! :heartpulse::sparkles: and good luck with your edits! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey there! For editing out the background and putting the poses together, I like to use IbisPaint. If you want to add filters and text, I recommend using Phonto and Picsart.


I hope this helped a little bit! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Yes it did thank you :blob_hearts:

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