Just a question because i want to know


I am curieus wich love interest my readers would choose so i want to ask that in a little choise question
But it will not have influence on the story. But can i see the results and where?



I don’t think there is a designed area in the portal to take polls, unless you make your narrator say a link to a google fourms page.


If you have Instagram you can make a poll, and have them choose.


Yes that’s true! But it would be easier for readers that don’t have instagram.


a poll I have never seen that in the writer portal? Where is that in the app? An Instagram only gives 2 choices.

here another problem Aberose(lieve) speaks for Anneke


You might need to space out Anneke.


What does that mean???


ANNEKE (I should give him a chance…
Space out right here.
ANNEKE (talk_sit)
I don’t know…


THANKS i will try my eyes are already closing bedtime xxx


Haha… It’s normal! Tell me if it works!