Just a question that I’ve had


Why do all Episode teens/adults never call their mom ‘mommy.’ Up to my mom calls my grandma ‘mommy.’ I’ve only seen ‘daddy.’ Like Cmon people.


I say mom, I only use mommy when I’m trying to be annoying. Daddy is just weird and I refrain from using it


I say mommy. I say daddy. I say both. I really don’t think of it as weird or anything like that because they’re my parents.


it’s just a preference I guess


Because…lol, I don’t know , I use mom too at its some first in my mind😅
If I speaking English in my home , the maybe the scenerio will be different for me​:grin::upside_down_face:


I sound weird when I say mom or mum or dad. My parents call their parents mummy and daddy soo


People have put me off the word ‘Daddy’




I don’t say mom at all to my my mother since I don’t speak in English with her but with my mother tongue : )
Saying mom to her would be weird for me since I’ve never used it lol :sweat_smile:
Hmm, I guess it’s just a natural instinct for teens to use mom and kids to use mommy :thinking:


Lol,same🙃 if some day I call my mother as mooma she would be like am I ill?


When I was growing up, I was not allowed to call my mother, mommy. My sibling and I would get in trouble if we did anything other than Mom.


I call my mom mommy if I want something…


lmao when I was younger, my mom hated it whenever I tried to call her Mommy. She thinks the word is cringy. Same thing with my dad and the word “daddy” (i mean, i don’t blame him, especially with what that word means nowadays :anguished:). I don’t even call him “dad” really, I just call him “D”, and my mom is Mom. :revolving_hearts: If I really want something, I’ll call her Mother.


When people think so weird of the words they must think of their parents some type of way cause why would you THINK ABOUT THAT DADDY DEFINITION. Y’all shouldnt think it’s weird in my opinion it’s your parents, not some random bum saying “call me daddy.”


Like who even thinks about that when talking to the woman who carried you? Or the man that cared for you?


Puberty is hitting y’all bad then, real bad. LIKE REAL REAL REAL REAL REAL bad.


I think you’re the only reasonable explaining for calling them mom and dad. Since you’re parents don’t like it.


I call my dad dad but when I was younger I called him dadi-o like spagetti o’s.


That’s cute XD I call mine daddy and old man.


Either one is to par.