Just A Quick Game For Us To Pass Time

4 days left to submit your entries!!!
If you would like to enter please post on this thread the number you would like.

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The Cloaked Gardener

Something was always amiss about that place. People always going missing, no leads, mysterious finds from dig sites the police refused to comment on.

It was mainly in the woods. Those cold, dark woods–filled with trees so thick and dense that the sunshine dared not to shine himself through and see what was inside. The moon did the same, not wanting to give illumination to whatever was within… waiting.

But then there was a sudden discovery. Suspicious as it was intriguing, as it could have finally been the answer everyone was seeking.

Taken from an old 70’s polaroid, most likely, or at least a good imitation camera. The flash didn’t have much use. but it did provide a disturbing shadow. Antlers. And most importantly, what appeared to be a bloody trowel, dirtied gloves, and a long black cloak. Perhaps the missing had actually been murdered all this time.

And this forest, his own personal garden. Deep within the ground, helping the cursed land flourish even under these suspicious times.

There was still immense secrecy, but the police could rest easier from now on.

Their serial killer had a name.



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The Lie Burns:

Rule number 101 in the angel rulebook states that all angels must be honest, no matter the circumstances. However, not single page of the 1000 page rulebook states the consequence of breaking the rules.

And that was never revealed for thousands of years until… you.

Never in a million years did you think that that white lie you told would come back to haunt you. The agonizing pain of it burns a mark into your skin and continues to burn you. You have a century to undo the ‘damage’, as the Supreme Angelic Court claims, caused by the lie before the burn consumes your body entirely, leaving you in ashes. But how is that possible when this lie is everything you truly believe in? Will it be worth dying for?


7 is The Reaper in the Dark. Good luck! The deadline is in 2 days, let me know if you would like a time extension :smiley:

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@Klearser, I really like this concept. Thanks for your entry!
@everythingslayer, I love this vibe it gives off. Thanks for your entry!


Description of this title is already here

Can I make another?


Oh yeah I’m sorry, I got my numbers mixed up :zipper_mouth_face:. Really sorry, here is your new title
Playground Illusion. Really sorry again and I will extend the deadline until the 14th.

Okay thank you to everybody who competed, it is past the deadline and for those who did not manage to submit their entries I am sure there will be another opportunity!
I will be announcing the winner and the second place in a separate post shortly! Congrats to everyone who entered though!

Congratulations to everyone who took place

1ST@KanaMoon Reaper Of The Dark

2ND @everythingslayer The Cloaked Gardner

Thank you to everyone who took part in the game/contest.
Please can the two winners PM for their prizes!


congrats the both of you who won!

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Duke was a nobody but you were the b*tch and the famous girl of the school when suddenly one day you wake up only to find you being a nobody and Duke being the talk to the school. What happened the night everything changed. Full CC and art scenes.
Genre- Fantasy , drama and Romance


The competition is over now, but i really like your entry, I will PM you. :smiley:

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