Just a quick note x

Hey guys if you haven’t got anything to do and are free would anyone be able to go and check out my story on episode. If you want to the story is called The devil inside. However I understand if you don’t want to and I know the story name is bad but I couldn’t think of anything else x

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I’ll love to check it out!! I’ll do it soon!

Also are you british? Because you put the “x” after your sentence and that’s a british thing :joy:

What’s you name on episode?

Thank you that means a lot to me :slight_smile:

And yes I am British :rofl:

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My name on episode is kelsey…

i thought you were so am i lol :joy:

Aha :joy:

I only asked because when I looked up your story, It didn’t pop up. I was trying to be creepy :sweat_smile:

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