Just A Quick Question Regarding Flags-

So regarding this video, I may have missed it, but do Flags carry over from chapter to chapter? Example:

Person A asks Person B if they want ice cream. You have the choice to say yes or no. Let’s say “no”. Person B says no, so Person A drives to the ice cream shop, and gets an ice cream cone for themself, and comes back. Stuff happened in between, making the chapter change over to the next. Person A is eating the ice cream, and Person B is now upset that person A has ice cream and they won’t share. Had person B said yes, in the next chapter, person B would now have an ice cream cone.

Is this possible?

yeah flags get remembered throughout the whole story. so just give your character a flag/ gain once they choose yes or no and have an if/ else in the next chapter x


Thank you so much!

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