Just a quick reminder!

Hey guys, haven’t made a forum in sometime but yeah i’m just giving everyone a quick reminder!

So this first reminder, is for my art competition! You probably have not joined it yet but you should, and if you aren’t interested or anything tag others on the forum, telling you guys now The comp ends on 12/22/18 the winner will probably be announced the next day

Link to comp:

The next reminder is that my Art shop is open, it’s been open for a few days and I don’t have many requests, but yeah if you want a splah/outline/cover and maybe a profile pic then you know you can go on my shop, and tag people for that on my forum too please!

Also is it likely for “shops” to make more than one request forum/thread?

Link to my art shop!:

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Closed as this is a duplicate. Please refer to the links by OP.