Just a simple solution

Thinking about adding C.C to your story?
Also thinking about making the first episode an “all C.C” episode?
Solution? Add C.C to the third episode!

I got interested in making this thread when I was scrolling through the “Romance” section on the Episode app. I came across about 4 stories so far that made their first episode an all C.C episode. When honestly a lot of people just wanna read the story as soon as they click on it. Tbh though I was gonna do that too, but I came up with a solution-add C.C to the third episode if you would like to add a all C.C episode to your story.

So why is this a problem?

Well, 100% percent of stories I’ve read on Episode that on the first episode have said “this is an C.C episode only” I click off immediately. I also know about 15 frustrated episode readers who do the same.


i have cc in my first chapter of my story that is over 3000 lines

and after that 1500 lines for the story.

you can not start your first episode just been a cc. people fell cheated that way. the first chapter is when you need to make people interested and they will not be interested if you only have cc. like I just said they fell cheated. and like you dont take this serious


I add in CC whenever the character u customize comes into da story


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