Just a SMALL Jacket Problem

Just a small thing with the jackets. I love most of the jackets in Limelight, it’s just… I originally just had this problem with the Military Style Jacket, but now I just realized it crossed over to my favorite jackets, the Quilted Pattern Jackets
It’s just really small but, seeing the undershirt peak out of the jacket is annoying. I’ve tried to ignore it, but I’m just staring at the random green on the red jacket near the chest/back on the sleeves. Of course, this is just something small and minor, specially compared to seeing my characters legs snap out of place or rise up randomly when doing a certain sitting animation, but I would like this fixed. Only certain shirts can work with jackets with this problem, mostly the tank tops and such, and it’s hard when I’m trying to do cool clothing combinations before I see this happen.