Just a thought!

Guys ! What if I write episode in Hindi ? I mean written in English alphabets but the language would be hindi . I guess Indians would get me.
I hope I make sense 🤷😂


its up to you but would it be worth it,

writhing on episode is hard work. its codeing, directing, backgrounds, characters and much more.

beside getting readers is really hard already, if you write in a landguage beside english, you cut of most readers.

writhing shouldnt be for reads but for your enjoment, but would you really enjoy putting in all this work, and maybe max ten people read your story?


Thank you for your thoughts ! :heavy_heart_exclamation: .And I literally write episodes for enjoyment and it’s my way to express my ideas beacuse I love writing.

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Or you could publish your story in both languages, Hindi and English (or give the option to read your story in English or Hindi).
That way, it benefits everyone. :slight_smile:


That’s a great idea :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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If it’s possible then I’d love to read and write also :relieved::relieved:

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That’s sweet of you :heartbeat:

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