Just a thread for outfit and character ideas :))

I’ll be adding more over time, so if you want to bookmark this thread to come back later go ahead! Also, feel free to use these or use them to create your own. Just be sure to credit me @wtfth34 d: )

Ink Outfit Ideas

Limelight Outfit Ideas

Limelight Character Ideas


Ink Character Ideas

None yet 🥲.


ooh yay! I’ve been needing some new outfit ideas!

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Thank you!! :grin:

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Bump because I’m adding limelight outfits :weary:


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Thank you 🥲

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Bump, added more outfits :woman_in_lotus_position:t2:

Your characters look great! I wanted to start a story but I have no ideas about my character’s CC. Can I use some of your characters?