Just an episode chat abt my story

Hello guys

So i’ve published two stories in my fuve years of reading and writing episode
The two stories i’ve wrote, i’ve fallen out of touch with and i don’t want to continue to write them.
I just wanted to know if this has happened to anybody else?


Hey there!!
This is kinda relatable with me, but the duration isn’t that long, I published my first story in may starting and it has 8 chapters rn but I don’t feel like continuing it anymore! And I have literally started 3 other stories (2 of them are still like kinda being planned) :skull::joy:


dw, this is natural. i made tons of stories and never continue them

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This happens all the time to me but I find that in future stories I can take scenes/ideas out of the past stories I’ve given up on and reuse them. Just keep trying until you find a story you’re really interested in and until then, see everything you write as practice.

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