Just another transition question

Hi all :slight_smile:

Just had a question and wanted to see if it was possible, if I wanted to do a transition effect with one character fading into another one using transitions to slowly change the appearance…

Is that something possible coding wise and if so would anyone care to share how to do it :smile:

I’m not entirely certain what you mean about fading into another character but this thread may help you-

Is this what you meant?

Not entirely I know how to fade and do the ghost like fade.

What I meant was if you have someone basically changing into another person slowly using the transitions or fades?

I mean, you could have a character spot then transition fade out then put the background again then transition fade in with a different character in the spot?

It’s near on impossible to do that with characters and transitions. Because of the layering it happens suddenly. The only way to do this like you’ve described is to make overlays of the character so you can use the opacity. Another way is to use the character fading technique then a quick transition/flash and spot direct the other character where the first one was.

Thank you, i thought so.

do you have any ideas for coding for the flash transitions

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I use
@transition fade in/out 0.1
Either one (in/out) won’t matter since it’s so quick it’ll look the same.

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