Just Answer A Few Questions


Hey Everyone, My name is Queen Mili and you might know me from my backgrounds thread!
Anyways, I’ve decided I’m going to take the time to sumbit an entry for the thriller contest!
I just have a few questions!

  • Customize Characters
  • Nahh.

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  • Let Readers Choose Character Name
  • Nahh.

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  • 3 Fairly Long Episodes.
  • 5 Normal Episode Length.

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  • Love Interest
  • Nahh.

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Thank you so much! Queen Miliani's Official Art Thread♛


For the name maybe give them a choice out of like your 3 favorite names something different lol


Oh that’s actually a good idea! I’ve never seen a story like that!


I agree with this.


I couldn’t re-edit this in…

  • Blythe Graves
  • Cybil Graves

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