Just asking about a story

So like in a story, if a role play scene comes up, do u guys stop reading? Becuz of boreness and cringeness and other stuffs

it depends if it’s boring

What do you mean by roleplay in a story? Sorry lol im dumb

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Not sure what’s that either :thinking:

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Means like a play (romeo and juliet, cinderella etc)
In the story, Teacher gives you a project and ppl play the role play

Oh, I see! Thinking of it, I believe I’d be interested in this if it wasn’t a cliche type of thing, like not MC is Juliet and LI is Romeo. Maybe if he would be Romeo, but she could only get a part of a nanny! There’s a whole field for imagination of what could happen next:)

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Oh! I hate that, it’s so cliché also when they say that they should have a kiss at the end of the play or something. I hate that.