Just chatting I’m bored

Ask me somethig and I will do the same with you. Just for chatting!

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What time is it by you & how are you ?

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Okay so here is 14:30 and I’m good, thanks for asking. What about you? What time is it?

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Where do you live?

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Hello, girl! Just to tell that we shouldn’t open random threads for chatting here. Each and every thread should have a purpose and…a thread just meant for random chatting doesn’t really have one :disappointed_relieved:

If you wanna chat, please do a PM and include people you wanna chat with.

By all means, I mean no offense or hurt to you :yellow_heart:


Closed due to violation of the Forum General Rules. Please do not create topics with unspecified purposes or ones that encourage spamming. Thanks :slight_smile: