Just... Chatting?

Hi all! I know this may sound like an odd post. But I am just here to chat. If anyone would like to have a conversation or needs anyone to talk to I would be glad to help. Or if you just want to start a whole other conversation go ahead. Just a friendly post for people to share thoughts and opinions. :blush::woman_shrugging:


Hmmm… Hi! :grin: How are you?

Hi! I am fine, and you?

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Hii :wave:t2:

Random chats get closed by the mod.
So try to stay on 1 topic, okay? :grin:

Hi! How are you?

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Sounds good to me!

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Good! How you doing? Are you a writer here? :joy::joy:

I am fine. Thank you. And sort of. I’ve tried writing before, but I get writers block quite often and the coding isn’t my strong-suit. You?


Awe, that’s understandable! Perhaps you could try writing a short story, just a suggestion :sweat_smile: Actually I enjoy coding the most, I have a published story which I’m revamping, and working on a collaboration for the DD contest :sweat_smile:

Thank you for the suggestion, I’ll try that sometime. And that’s awesome! What is your story called??

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Of course! I thought maybe could help, because that’s how I started! Awe thanks! STAR POWER Fame Through My Eyes lol it was also a contest entry :joy:

I’ll try to read it sometime once you finish your revamp! :grin:

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Hi everyone :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

Hiya! :grin:

What’s up

Not a lot. You?

Awe, that’s really nice of you. Thank you! I really appreciate it :blush: what kind of stories do you usually read on episode?

Anytime :blush: Really just any and everything. I typically read Romance type things. But I do enjoy Mystery and other genres.

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Haha, thank you! Ohh I like Drama and Romance lol I also like to try other genres every now and then, like Fantasy :sweat_smile: