Just Checking Up On Everyone!

Hey everyone. I know writing can be VERY stressful and overwhelming. I wanted to check up on how everyone’s doing, as well as encourage you all to examine your own mental health. Take a break! Don’t overwork yourself, and listen to your body. LOL this sounds cheesy but it’s honestly the truth. : ) Y’all are amazing. Take care of yourselves!! xoxo, lindsay


Hey lindsayh,

How are you doing??
You are a sweetheart for checking up on everyone. :wink:
I am fine… Writing was a little overwhelming last week, because I got a good criticism on my first story (not a bad one…) So, I decided to update my first story (It wasn’t updated since august 2019, so it was time… :woman_facepalming: for a new ‘Little Star’ )Finished update of episode 1… still need to do until episode 9… And I still am writing on other stories… I love to write… But it is also stressful. :zipper_mouth_face:
Take care of yourself, too, dear!!

Love A-W :heart:

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Honestly, I’m taking too many breaks if anything :confused: I’m currently writing the 7th episode of a new story, and I was just thinking about the effort all of you authors put in to make sure that there are constantly new episodes. In addition to that, I feel like we need to spread the love on the episode forums : ) I’m sure many of us are struggling with the same things, and that’s why we’re all here for each other! Happy writing!! xoxo, lindsay

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of course!!


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