Just curious...How many stories have you guys drafted?🤔

I get demotivated so easily that well…just look for yourself😂

💕I’m sorry for what your about to see💕

Also I have “a lot” more than that but I have deleted them and also the majority of the stories I gave up on I made covers for…and some are remakes of stories I gave on and then gave on…
again:joy: :joy::joy:

Also these stories were from years ago and still haven’t published a story yet😂

I even had a old episode account which had dozen other stories that were/will NOT be published and some even broke the guidelines cos 13 year old me didn’t know better :joy::joy::joy:


Well, I have 11 story ideas for episode in my notebooks, 4 of them I started on episode, 2 of them are out and the other 2 only have a bunch of characters and outfits with an average of 400 lines intro :joy:


So, I was writing a story that was gonna be called, “Who’s Who.” But then, I stopped because of some feedback that made me feel sad. They said it was childish and something else that didn’t make me feel nice. So I ended up not writing it anymore.

But now, I’ve learned that some people won’t like your story, but lots of people will!


I have made a different practice space😂 well I do all my timepass.


Too many


Don’t pay attention to haters! You can improve writing stories and success one day! For me…my story is kinda embarrassing but I didn’t stop writing idea and I re-do my story again.


Well, somewhere around millions? :thinking:


6 published and 12 hidden :wink: And 5 of the published ones are on hold. :wink::joy::joy:


I started 6, will publish 3, so far.


Oh jeez I have 6 unpublished, and one published and if you look back to the first story I tried coding LORRD HELP ME ID PERISH :see_no_evil:


I’ve had a LOT, since the beginning of episode I started writing (but at the end I realized writing wasn’t what I wanted right now, so I only published 1 but took off later, out of the 1000 I have lol)

I have maybe 500+ I played around a lot! Lol :joy:

I can’t take screenshots of them because I have another account with portal, and I’m too lazy to login to my other account! Lol :joy:

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