Just finish this....🤷


I kn its not much…but at least i tried 🤷
Spell check yes! Its suppose to be “We”

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looks cool! just checking tho, is it suppose to say ‘me’ instead of ‘we’?

We lol thanks

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I saw that ur a new user…

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yeah lol, nice to meet ya!

Back at you, are you an writer or artist…?

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on here, more a writer, hbu?

Both artist and writer…

nice! So what’s your story about?

Its a 2love intreset story but im waiting on episode so i can published it

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cute, i’m a sucker for those stories haha. lol cos i’m new to this, does that mean that episode has to approve ur story before publishing?

No just backgrounds overlays and cover…

ah right, i see. How long have you been working on it?

About a month

cool! :slightly_smiling_face: so do you have any fave stories that u can recommend me? :pleading_face: :blush:

Lets see… The doberman, chain reaction, taste the darkness, under you and dirty sassy teenagers

thanku! I read the doberman (ink) and chain reaction (ink), they were so good!! Looking forward to reading these!
So are these forums usually quiet or is it just the time of the day? (I’m also on wattpad forums and they’re always busy lol)

Lol, its just the time of day😁

Hey…if you ever need splashes or cover etc i can help you :smiley:

ahhh okay :joy:
thanks, I’ll keep that in mind! (I checked out your art thread thingy, nice stuff!)