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Hey guys I just got a question for anyone who uses this free software/application for editing, So since I can’t get Adobe Photoshop as it’s costs money, I wanted to know if GIMP is available on iPad/iPads Mini because I need an application that’s completely free and I could use it on my iPad. Please let me know if you guys know because I want to start editing pictures as a hobby or something. Anyways peace out beautiful people🥰

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Hi there! I have some free apps that I use and some that my friends have recommended

I use: iArtbook and my friends use Autodesk Sketch Book. I’ve used ibis paint too! All of these are free :))

Ooo those sound very interesting! Thank you, I’ll check those out and do you know if there’s some tutorials/reviews on them on YouTube?

i definitely recommend ibis paint x, many editors including I mainly use this app, but some I know use GIMP but i didnt hear good reviews of using it on a phone/ipad

Ok thank you, I’ll check Ibis Paint X out too😊

I Don’t know any tutorials… ;( but I’m sure there are some! I’ll show you some of my work from iArtBooks. I liked ibis x paint, however, it ate up too much storage space for me

Oh it’s ok. Don’t worry about it and yeah, if you show me some of you’re artwork I could get some inspiration also really? Ibis Paint X takes up some storage up? Never knew that but thanks for letting me know that

This news article has some good alternatives! :blob_hearts: :blob_sun:

Yes of course! I’ll PM you it :)) and that’s just my issue with it! Idk if others have the same issue haha

Ok thanks, I’ll read it now before I forget

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hey there! I strongly recommend Ibis Paint X! I use it and it works great, even on the phone. you can make anything with it honestly.

Ohh ok, that’s a shame but yh dm me. My insta is the same on here so it’s @alima.episode. My acc looks like this

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Hi there and thank you so much :blush:

Hey guys! I’m starting to write a story and I have no idea how to add stuff to my story like I want to add butterflies and Idk how :pensive:

Oooo sounds good and I would recommend you watching this Episode tutorial, he’s really great :blush:

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