So I’m incredibly new to this and started off just reading the few stories made available on my mobile app. However, because I read ALOT in general, I ended up going through those rather quickly which then opened up more and more with recommendations, etc and I went through some of them probably more quickly than I should because, as I said…I read alot. My questions are, how do I know how often an author is posting chapters? And where am I supposed to be finding the dates of when certain chapters were released?

Just to get a general idea of an authors writing habits and if I’ve finished a story that ended on a cliffhanger published a year ago, then I can maybe resign myself to the fact that that particular story may have no closure. Lol


you dont. it is induvdial people. like you and me who write the stories. there is no fast time. some do set a time. others just published when they have a chapter done. like me .

Some authors, who are on Instagram, post when they will update. Some have a regular schedule. Others update whenever.

Unfortunately, unless the other changes it to completed, renames it to discontinued or removes the status, we’ll never know.


You can probably find this on their Instagram accounts, which are usually promoted on their page or the end of their stories.

Sometimes they post these on their IG, but authors will not always be able to post chapters on a schedule.

I don’t mean this to be rude, but they all have lives independent of Episode (they have full-time jobs, they’re in school, sometimes they’re parents…). So things come up, and even if they normally post their chapters on a Thursday, they might not always be able to do so. Authors that are very in tune with the community though, usually keep readers informed about the status of their stories through IG.

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I meant like past chapters. I figured if I looked at time frames between previously written chapters it may give a general hint, although obviously not a guarantee, as to how often they post. But I guess I could also find those on previous Instragram posts as well…so thank you so much :blush:

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Sometimes, an author will have a note saying when it was published. I’ve seen very few do this, though.

But usually the only way to figure this out is through IG.

No problem. :slight_smile:

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