Just joined the community and wanted to say hi and song recs?

Kind of bored so I figured I’d post here and see what’s up. So, I ask: what’s up? :slight_smile:

Also, conversation starter: favorite song? I need new song recs.


Hai and welcome

I don’t have any song recommendations atm

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Hey, welcome to the community :))

Before I put any songs what do you usually listen to?

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I listen to literally anything. I’m about to check out the one sent above.



A bit more info on your fav genres sure would help. :sweat_smile:

Ouu oki i’ll send a few songs from different topics if ygm

  • Take Me Out - Franz Ferdinand
  • Cavetown - Boys Will be Bugs
  • Boderline - Tame Impala
  • New House - Rex Orange County
  • Live Life - Zayde Wolf
  • Spaceman - Ouse
  • They don’t care about us - Michael Jackson
  • Hot girl bummer - Blackbear

These are a few songs from my playlist, I steered away from rock and stuff because most people don’t like it anymore but some band recommendations I have are: The Clash, Pulp, Joy Division, Blur, Radiohead and Gorillaz

If no one could tell, I love music…


When I say anything, I mean pretty much anything other than country, folk and K-pop.

I absolutely adore Take Me Out, it’s already on one of my playlists. I’ll listen to the rest. Also, love Zayde Wolf, so high hopes for that song.

The Clash is incredible. Radiohead is okay. My best friend in high school was obsessed with Gorillaz. Are you familiar with the Ramones? They’re better than the Clash, but same genre.


Already know that one~

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We have similar music tastes :eyes:
Sleep like a baby tonight by U2
Anything by Muse (it’s not a song, literally every Muse’s song is incredible)
Can’t stop by Red Hot Chili Peppers
Chosen by Måneskin (an hidden gem, but they’re so good)


The only one I didn’t know was the last one. I’m listening now. :slight_smile:

I’ve heard of the Ramones but I love the clash a lot more. I loved gorillaz for a while but Blur will forever be better, the lead singer for gorillaz is the lead singer for blur

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Mmm… Song 2. I have a playlist based off Song 2.

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Song 2 is a great song but not their best, I love all music though.


If you like The Ramones, what about The Sweet? Or Queen? There is just too much to write it all down. :sweat_smile:


Since I’ve been feeling a little bit sad I’ve heard the whole AFTER LAUGHTER album by Paramore lol I recommend it if you want to let out feelings while dancing

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But my absolute favorite song of all time is center of the universe by KAMELOT

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Yeah I think Blur has lot of great songs as well! But song 2 was like that one hit wonder

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