Just made a new story, but it is just a test story but it does not show up on my phone

Ho is this possible, the other i did nut really publish eater they are all just testing stories to try templates and stuff x


maybe try to create 3 episodes?

You need to have at least 3 episodes before it’s visible. You don’t need to have an entire script though.

Just write this in episode 2 & 3:


you don’t have to have 3 episodes, I made my first with a background not accepted yet, i took another and it worked, but i use the other for making good photo’s but ok it is a start , thanks all. x

Just make sure there are no errors before you try to veiw it on your phone the first time. that includes spellcheck, backgrounds and overlays that are not approved. You can even add a blank space and it would work, and you don’t need 3 episodes to do it. After that, it should only have problems if there’s a code error in your script

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