Just need a little help with directing

So in my story, I have two friends who are going to a cafe and there are two other characters going to this cafe and another two background characters. I want there to be three different tables that they can sit on(So overall 3 tables with 2 characters on each table) I just wanted some ideas on how i can present this. (Me reading through this, it sounds very confusing!!!)
The background I’ll be using will be INT. CAFE- DAY.
Hope someone can give me an idea
Thanks in advance

The background you mention doesnt have 3 tables in it so basicly you need to add your own table overlays…but being hones because there already are tables it will probably look realy weird if you over them place another tables.

Maybe find background which looks like what you need instead?

I couldn’t find one and anyway i have some counter overlays for this scene already.
I think i might just make some zooms and change zones and etc
thanks anyway :blush:

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