Just published my first murder-mystery story; looking for reviews :) (will also do reviews)


And oh no, James was better written than Jason. Only because unlike you, I didn’t really emphasize the “cycle of abuse” part that James was guilty of (insult, sweet talk, manipulate, rinse and repeat).

For Ruben, I figured adding a few scenes to showcase his orientation would be harmless, as well as make fun of stereotypes revolving around bisexual people.

So far I’m at the part where I see Connor. I’m especially excited to see the snack with the buzz cut in your cover lol


omg you’re too kind, i think my sense of humor is so… ??? i’m glad you liked it lmao!!!

AND JESUS NO :anguished: they only have to repeat the chapter, not the whole entire story. That’s why at the beginning of most of mine, I ask if you’ve already read the chapter so you can skip it if you have, and read it if you haven’t. That gives me the freedom to edit anything I might need to, and the reader the option to continue where they left off!


Same, same. He’s a snack alright… just wait and see :smirk: :revolving_hearts:


What?! That’s absolutely bullshit! Now I’m panicking because I did proofread and fix some chapters (that I somehow failed to do all these months before publishing) before too.

I was gonna ask if it’s not too much trouble, how far you’re in my story? That way I can check if anything is going wrong, mostly around chapter 5 where I added a bonus scene with Ruben. Christ, that’s annoying af to hear though, didn’t even have an inkling :confused:

Now I get why people will sometimes lock the said chapter or ask for the repeats. At first I was confused at yours because I did a replay (cuz i loved it) and missed a chapter and ended up getting a chapter ahead or something.

Goddammit Episode. Now I wonder why my reads (15 tho isn’t a lot) weren’t increasing since 2 weeks. Probably because any current readers could’ve been fed up. Then again I’m just overthinking things :face_with_raised_eyebrow: still annoying tho.

Makes me wanna be absolutely sure now before releasing episodes after 10, which is season 1 ending for TotH :confused: