Just Published My First Story - In Need of Cover Art


Hi there!

I’ve just published my first story and completely forgot about a cover art.
If someone can help me create one it’d be much appreciated :smiley:

This short story is called Bad Girl Gone Good: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5580015714172928
It’s about a mean girl who eventually realizes that she has more to offer the world than just her looks, money, and attitude.

Not sure how this process goes so please let me know what other info I need to provide you with.

By the way, I will only consider the first serious offer/reply to avoid any confusion. Thanks for understanding!


I can help! You can PM me the details if you would like and we can discuss time arrangements.


I could try!


Here are some examples.


image image


Thanks to both of you.
I will check out StoryWriter10.
But thank you for the offer, Unique_911!


Yes. Please don’t be pressured into choosing me. If you don’t like my art style as you can see there is another person who could help you! Just letting you know that you don’t absolutely HAVE to choose me :grin:


@StoryWriter10 is very better than mines.


No problem! :grin:


No one is better, everyone has their own unique way to draw art.


Thanks. :kissing_heart:


Just for reference, do you happen to have examples as well, Unique_911?


Yeah. I have more of an episodeish style storywriter’s is more realistic.



Oml stap! Your art work is REALLY good!!!


Awwwwww Thanks!:kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::grin:


omg that IS good.
You both are amazing, but I do prefer the episode style for this particular story, so actually I will PM Unique_911 instead!
But thanks so much anyway, StoryWriter10!


Oh ok.

storywriter’s are bomb too


So is yours too.


Haha, thanks! It’s really not that big of a deal, not a lot of people like my style of art, and that’s okay! I wish you the best!


You too! :grin: