Just published my story *INK* *DRAMA*

I’ve just published my first story, Outrunning Karma. Please if there’s any errors or if you have any advice tell me. I would really love if you read it.
Lexxie AJ

I would love to read your story!
But what would the story be authored by?
I know some people use a different name for the forums than the book publishing.

The author name is Lexxie AJ so it’s quite the same

Ok I’ll try and read it tonight if I have time!
What’s the story about?

A girl who committed a crime and now has trust issues meets a boy who she thinks has a personality the exact opposite of hers. But discovers that they are basically the same.

That sounds very intruging actually. I don’t think I’ve heard a lot of stories with that plot line. Very original. Most of the stories I read are the cliche falling for the bad boy kind of thing.
Can’t wait to read it. :grin:

Thank you :blush:

Hello, I have just went into episode 1 where you customize Ethan, and I cannot see him!

Oh I’ll fix that right now

Try it now

It is still the same thing. After you edit an episode, you have to re-publish it for the edits to work.

Sugar! Sorry, I forgot to do that I just did it try it now.

Oh, it worked now! He’s cute, lol

Thanks, my cousin picked all of his details lol

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That’s cool! In a story I’m writing, my best friend made the main character and her love interest and she is also helping with the storyline a tiny bit.

Here’s what I think of this story so far… (Spoilers to anyone else going to read the story!)

I like the pilot, it was funny that she was like 1… 2… 10… and then shot them. Kind of weird how she just shot her best friend and her man out of the blue though…? I like the jumps between time and how you did that when there was nothing that important in between and what was somewhat important you showed with flashbacks. I like how when she meets her best friend Sophie, she is eating a cupcake… How you implement humor is nice! Before they go to the club, Sophie is standing on the side of the TV stand and Isabel is standing on the TV stand… Spot directing there could be improved, unless that was done on purpose (still looks weird in my opinion). I don’t know if you know this, but instead of putting @ THEIRNAME is action, you could also put @ THEIRNAME starts action, so it doesn’t take up another beat and they do it while someone else starts another thing…

For example: when Sophie was drinking, you could do starts instead of is so Isabel talks while she takes a sip of her drink.

With the 1 hour later at the club, it could also have a pause between so that it’s more clear. When Sophie gets hit, Eli doesn’t hit her… kinda confused me. Then, when Ethan comes out, he isn’t holding a gun… Lol

You could message me if you ever need help with directing! I am about to read the next chapter, so that’s all for right now.

Oh ok thank you for the advice

No problem! I apologize if it sounded a little harsh… just trying to be an author giving another author advice.

No you weren’t too harsh you were just honest and really I appreciate it!

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Also the reason she shoots them out of the blue is explained further on in the story!

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