Just published the revamped limelight version of my story, please check it out!

I had a story called “Son of Poseidon” written in ink awhile back (it reached #1 in fantasy at some point) anyway I didn’t like how it turned out despite how many people enjoyed reading it. SO I revamped the story in Limelight, please check it out! It’d mean a lot. Even if you’ve already read the ink version, give the new one a chance as I’ve worked hard on it and there is a better plot, better dialogue, and better directing!

Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5806758247464960
Description: He saves you, you’re attracted to him, and then you realize he’s a descendant of a Greek god. Because of him, you unlock secrets of your past. Was it meant to be? (LL version, CC)
Instagram: @esston.episodes
Cover Art:

Thanks if you decide to read it!


Both were such amazing stories, you deserve a lot more recognition!

I agree