Just ranting abt some authors :(

I’m not even sure if this is the right place to post this :sweat_smile:
But hi! I’m just here to complain about some authors who are getting bigger, This is completely my opinion so don’t come @ me for this thread plz!! (just felt like ranting out haha)
Anyways, I feel like some authors who are getting bigger (I’m not gonna say who) are constantly changing and getting ruder, and I feel like they have no originality and just impersonating Saige’s (author of tng) personality?? Cuz they use the same phrase etc. They like leave our dms on seen (or is it just me) and I didn’t even ask for the updates…also they r just like “Thx”, “Lol”-- I mean is it that hard to type in a few words are emojis and show a bit of enthusiasm?
I know its really stressful and hard to write such amazing stories, but I feel like some authors should appreciate the readers too.


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