Just read the most creepiest story

I not gonna send hate don’t worry, so it’s about a daughter falling for her father?

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jes I only read the first chapter (like half because I was just so discusted ) and it even says it


Maybe it’s about rape, you know like an abuse father rape her daughter, she gets pregnant and have to decide to abort or not.

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I wish that I had screen shots but in the first chapter they kinda had some sexual thoughts about each other

I don’t know what people would like about that story then…

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This is just… bad… :neutral_face:


yes it is :neutral_face:

I wonder where it went wrong with us humans :joy:

But really… There are so many things to write about and some people still choose this over a unique meaningful plot. First gang leaders, kidnappings and pregnancy stories, now this. Smh


Should I try to read this? :OOO

wtf. this is so wrong i am reporting that story right now


I could send screenshots because I want to put this on Instagram but like my i need to make a new acc

You can try to make you’re own opinion if you want but I’m warning you it is really bad and I haven’t even finished the first chapter

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thank you this story just shouldn’t be on the app :heart:

Okay ima read it and send screenshots

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This is what the first chapter consists of. Pedophilia, incest, and sexual harassment.
I’m literally disgusted.


I hid it because it’s pretty bad & I advise you to mentally prepare before seeing it, literally.
I cannot physically go through the second chapter after that first one so I’m done sending screenshots. :confounded:


OMG! I’m definitely reporting that story! :nauseated_face:


Wtf repoortt what has the world come to

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Me @ this story


Reported. The 3 chapters here

First Chapter

Second Chapter

Third Chapter

In the end of the third chapter the mom says “If you want me you have to adopt a boy child” and I think same thing is going to happen with the boy and the mum

This is really disgusting @Tyler what do you think?