Just sharing my first story! My Episode Boyfriend!

Hi! After reading episode for some time I got into messing around with writing/directing a story!

It’s called My Episode Boyfriend. It’s about a shy and introverted girl who is obsessed with reading Episode stories, and then her favorite Episode male lead ends up in her living room. It also has a tad bit of fantasy mixed in, obviously!

I hope you’ll check it out! I’m currently working on Episode 4. I like to write it all out first and then type up the code. You can follow me @nars.episode for updates!

Story link:


Hello, congrats on publishing your first story. Would you like a read for read?

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Would love to!


Amazing, can you send me your link?
I’ll send mine

Here it is, thank you!


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This is such an interesting concept! I will definitely check it out!

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Just started reading it. Its insanely funny and relatable except for the fact that nobody actually loves me

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Sounds a lot like my episode lover/my Wattpad lover (episode one was inspired by the wattpad one)

Woohoo! Thank you! I read yours at work and added to my favorites! :smiley: It’s so cute, I love the reactions inside of the mind haha!

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I never read that but looked it up! To think I was one word from being able to find it when I searched the title I chose lol. Definitely won’t be the same and I’ll need to add that one to my reading list.

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Bahahaha! Thank you! Hey I love you for reading!

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Hiyah, and congrats on publishing. Would you like to do r4r?

Lost Summer Love

Thank you so much! :smiley: I’m glad you enjoyed it!

Hey there! Check mine out if you’re interested!

As I finish up catching up on some stories I had in my list, I decided to open up R4R’s.

If we do a R4R, I would prefer to only do three episodes because that’s how many my story has.

If my story seems interesting to you, feel free to check it out! I’m putting a lot of effort into this revamp so it would mean a lot to me.

-Let’s get to the promoting, shall we?-

Back in August I released my first story, “Feeling Human Again”

Well, back in September, maybe, I decided to revamp it, and I recently released the third episode of the revamp.

Description: Zoey got dumped by her love of 3 years and needs more than a little help. The “people” she turns to for help might not be entirely human…

Full CC for the MC’s friends and you can name them.
Disclaimer: The MC is bisexual by default. You cannot change that.



Extra info

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