Just someone new here

Hi everyone, I’m new here and just wanted to introduce myself and maybe make new friends.

So my name is Vasilie (original Vasilija), people usually call me Vaska, but if it’s still hard to pronounce you can call me however you want I don’t mind anything lol😂 I’m from Serbia and I’m 17 now.
I’m reading episodes since ink style just got realised, but I was never on forum and about 6 months ago I opened my account on Instagram, related to episode. (well more or less lol)

I saw how people make amazing art scenes, covers etc. in their stories so I searched about how people do that and I ended up doing just that.

So if anyone wants to look into it my art or just talk to me about anything and everything, can find me on instagram @vasilie_arts
Your support would mean a lot to me:heart:

So tell me something about yourself:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Ill go follow you! :blob_hearts: (@siennawrites_)

Im 14 :sweat_smile:
Im from Miami :beach_umbrella:
and im weird


Don’t worry, I’m too​:tipping_hand_woman::joy: and thank you​:heart:

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np! just followed also your art is amazingg :fire:

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Aww thank you so much :see_no_evil:

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Hey! I’m also new here! My name is Vienna and I’m also 17 haha we can be friends! I also followed you on instagram!

I made this account to read stories and post them so I can support small authors haha I think it’ll be fun :smile:


Hi welcome I’m jasmine

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hi ! welcome to the forums, my name is syd & i’m 13 !

btw ur art is amazing girlie, keep it up ! :))

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your art looks amazing.

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Nice to meet youu, thank you so much :heart: you have fav story? And what gener you like to read the most? Recently I love to read fantasy & drama :joy:

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Nice to meet you :see_no_evil:

Ahh nice to meet you and thank you so much! It means a lot❤️

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Awhhh thank you :sneezing_face:


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And it’s so awesome that you stared art! I’ll check it out.

Have a good day!

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I’m Michele
I’m 16
I’m from Miami

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My favorite story so far is Life’s a Witch by Ariel haha I’m starting to read into new authors stories and support them by sharing them and promoting them. My favorite genre is Romance and Drama, basic but I love it :joy:

ooo I should try out fantasy!

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Thank you!! :heart:

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Me! Im always up for making new friends! :hugs::heart::heart:

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