Just started, need some help

hii guys,
I just started writing my own story, but i still got some problems. for example: i don’t know how you can let someone choose if they want to date guys or girls. and if they made that choice, how do you process this in the rest of your story.
I hope one of you guys can help me (-;


i could help u

here’s a guide to choosing the LI’s gender, you also use this to help you!

thanks for your advice

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If you’re just starting, Dara Amarie’s website is where you’d find pretty much all script templates. Including character customization, choosing body types, dressing games, choosing your own or your love interest’s gender. She also has guides for almost all the basic questions people usually have. This includes help with overlays, the if/elif/else code, etc.

For more, Joseph Evan’s youtube is another lifesaver for most people. Hope that helped <3.

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