Just the 1st Chapter!


You can read more, but I need the 1st Chapter looked at I want in and did somethings to it and I want to know if it still looks okay or if I should tack it all out. (Flashing worlds, Bold words, Underline words, color words and sound)

**If you want I will read your story also. :slight_smile: :heart: **


Hey! Unpopular opinion, but I feel like only underlines, bolds, italics, and flash/ shake movements should be used in a story :slight_smile: unless it’s an intro, in which case colour is perfect.


Yeah, I wasn’t to sure about it so I have only done it to Chapter 1 (I have 5 chapters out) that way if it don’t look good I can tack it all out. :slight_smile: Thank you.


No problem!


Moved this to Share Feedback since it’s not a r4r and mostly looking for an opinion. :smile: