Just Thought I Would Share This Episode Nightmare

This is from a scene in “In A Heartbeat”, (recommend it by the way) and I can’t even imagine having the patience to do this!


Oh my gosh what story is this?

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It’s “In A Heartbeat”

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Oh jeez. I would NOT have ANY patience to even get at least 10 characters on that screen. Good job to the author!


You said it

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Wow! Those are directing goals, but just thinking about creating all those background characters and figuring out how to place them on screen gives me a headache. :disappointed_relieved:


I know, right??

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Lol my worst nightmare would be to code that to then get fanmail/DMs from readers who keep having the story crash at that scene :sweat_smile:


rEspect. :clap::clap:

man i gotta try this story out just for that scene.


me too

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Yea the first thought in my mind when seeing this is “Oh my god, I feel sorry for all those apps that have crashed while trying to play through this scene…”

Our number 1 rule is to never have more than 10 characters in a scene at once. More than 10 characters can cause app crashes, especially to those who do not have upgraded/high def smart phones


are those all real animated characters? or is some parts of it a background?

If there were any animated overlays in the scene, my old phone couldn’t handle anymore than 8 characters at once😕 Not sure about my new one, but I don’t think I’d want to put it to the test😂

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I’m sorry but those characters are ugly asf

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True that.

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Who did that? That is amazing. Kudos to them.

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thinks back on scene that people crash at

It all makes sense now…


They’re probably background characters so I don’t really see why it matters🤷‍♀️


If you’re specifically talking about the girl with pale skin and the short strawberry blonde haircut, she has leukemia in the story, so…

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I mean their combinations of hair colors, skin tone facial features and outfits are just atrocious, especially that blonde dude with the chiseled skin and the most ugliest shirt ive ever seen but I understand that they were rapidly put together for the sake of having them in the background