Just try to help me plsss

So for some reason my character is behind the overlay but I don’t want her to be then I try to fix it but,It just keeps doing the same thing what layer do I do? HOW DO I FIX DIS? HELP MEH PLSSS

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You haven’t spot directed Liz, so that may be why.

What do I put in then?

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Make her move layers as she exits I think.

Can you show me an example if you can cuz i don’t get it

Either 314 or 320.

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You have to set the layer for the overlay as well.


@overlay OVERLAYNAME to layer 0

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Nevermind what I said. @author.AmberJ is most likely correct.

What line?

You can add it as is to it’s own line or add it to any line directing the overlay.

sooo like this?

That looks like it should work.

Well I saved it and it does the same thing

Try putting the line you just added before Liz begins to speak.
check if that works!

what line number?

Try maybe 310…

And then,?

wait nvm I got here in the front it’s just everytime when I change where they are,It keeps doing the same thing

Is it still doing the same thing?

It’s probably because the overlay is shifting again in line 324

you would probably need to put in
@overlay BAR DESK1 to layer 0