Just wandering in my thoughts

How do you guys deal or have dealt (I don’t know if that’s grammatically correct lol) with a broken heart?

Anyone out there feeling sad today?


im not sad today im just acting a bit weird and not myself right now, I have a lot of stuff going on in my mind as well…


Sorry, I hope you get back to yourself soon!

I completely know the feeling. Feeling numb is often worse than feeling sad cause it’s just incomprehensible for even oneself.

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yep, it is n thx. things your just wondering in your mind like will you ever get the answers? or just experience things first then…idk…


Not knowing it’s the worst part. That’s when the mind gets the best of us for wondering and wondering non stop


Yeah, I have sadly :broken_heart: I think sometimes life sucks, it just doesn’t go how you want it to. Unfortunately it doesn’t help that i was born into life surrounded by way too many toxic ppl, a broken family and have to deal with close ppl taking off without a word, abandoning me. I try to be upbeat but sometimes its hard. But maybe life will get better one day and i will get happiness, for now, I will just turn to online for my source of comfort and remain positive no matter what :blob_sun:

Not really today, just tired lol :blob_sun:


I’m so sorry to hear that. And I feel you, you have no idea how related I am to what you just said. Abandoned. That’s the perfect word to it. I wish I could take that away from you, I’ve felt that and I don’t wish it upon anyone.

Yes, I guess holding on to better days to come it’s the absolute best way to deal with this. I’m glad to hear today you’re feeling better but tired. Maybe it will come a day when you feel just happy. Simply happy. As happy as you could ever feel.


Thanks @Victoriaecs for your kind words, wishing the same good luck for you :blush: :blob_hearts: I feel like some people who go online a lot like to do so for comfort, because it helps :blob_sun:


uh… wow. i’m still kind of getting past my mental issues. and heartbreak. and friendships. whatever toxic things have happened, i take a long time to get over them.

it’s good to distract yourself even if it’s a temporary solution. just to try to get your mind off of it.

try talking to someone. shutting yourself out will only hurt you, and leave you with no outlet, bottling up your emotions, which’ll cause so much stress and discomfort.

sometimes people get therapy, even if they just want someone to vent to, or give them advice. it’s okay if you don’t have a mental/physical illness, some people just want someone to make them feel like they can trust someone. maybe therapy’s not your thing, which is okay as well.

last thing is remembering what toxic positivity is so you can avoid it because feel whatever you wanna feel!:


I was saved

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