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Hey there everyone. Olivia here!
I just want to ask everyone here since i own an art shop do check it out though, that how much are writers willing to pay for a cover or art scenes?
I mean i am looking forward for commissions and i really wanna know what a writer would be willing to pay for a semirealistic art works which is affordable for the writer!

Do let me know, all the opinions are welcomed.
Also my art shop is in my profile :smiling_face::smiling_face:
Have a great day :black_heart:


I’m saying this as someone who can’t pay. :frowning:
A lot of people isn’t available to pay, so there is a chance you won’t get a lot comms as there are people in community that offer free services and a lot just choose edited covers, art.
And those who are willing to pay are looking for, well… Something more realistic and in other words - perfect. They usually have really high expectations and they are looking for an artist with at least 4-5 year experience.

As I’m an artist myself and I don’t take comms because of some reasons, I take requests to practice and get my art to the highest level. I know it takes time, resources and patience. Maybe start with some requests and see, if people will want something. Then slowly shift to comms. That’s just my opinion so don’t mind me. :slight_smile:


Like @/KikiMoon said, many writers can’t afford to spend money on commissions but still want a lot of quality. They’re right, although I do want to point out that some writers ask for too much. If you feel that your time, efforts, and results deserve to be rewarded, it’s more than okay to ask for compensation.

I will state that many writers will still want great quality art, regardless of the price. If they are commissioning you, they will expect that you’ll create great art. Outside of drawing for commissions, make the time to practice art for the sole purpose of improving your skills.


Yea i understand and respect your opinion i was a writer gere myself who couldn’t afford commissions and as you said some writers can do commissions but want experience, i just wanna tell you im a bit experienced ive been doung this since 3 yesrs I guess. :sob: i was just thinking of commisions because the amount of yime and energy it takes i just wanted to know but it helped mr thank you. :black_heart::black_heart::smiling_face::smiling_face:

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Yes i will consider your opinion thank you so much :black_heart::smiling_face:

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I don’t even have an account so :sneezing_face:
But really, keep up with a good job and you will get to your goal! :green_heart:

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It reallllllyyy depends on 1) how much I like their art and their sketch and how skilled they are 2) how much I think their art style fits my respective story 3) what payment method they’re offering 4) whether they seem like a cool/friendly person.

I will normally pay anything up to like $350 AUD for a piece if I really, really want it.

With that being said - my standards are pretty high I think (because I have high standards for most things and I’m an artist myself) and the artists I’ve commissioned from have a reputation for being skilled, organized and reliable. I expect to get what I pay for and I do weigh up the art style against the cost with more detailed, realistic art being worth more money generally speaking (but not always what I go for).


Oh okay i understand! Thank you so much for help and if its not too much please check out my shop for my examples and let me know if theyre worth it :smiling_face::smiling_face:
Thanks again i really needed these opinions :black_heart:

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Yeaa thank you so much, also ive seen your art shop. You’re one hell of sn artist yourself i really loved it! Good luck to you too :black_heart::black_heart:

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Ohh thank you :pleading_face:
I still have a long way ahead but I just keep trying! And your style is cuuute 🫰🏼💚

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wish you best of luck!!!

hey olivia, i know i just replied to this post, but could you look at this post i made?