Just wanna speak out, This needs to improve

Okay so I just wanna speak out on some things, please don’t show hate towards any author or episode

So today, I logged in to the app, and I started reading a featured story, Which is very rare but yeah, And the first choice they give me is a GEM CHOICE for some unicorn fart hair! Let me get started at least, Episode is basically just ruining and decreasing reads of amazing stories by featuring them, AND these featured stories are preventing small authors (not so recognized) or fabulous stories from being RECOGNIZED, If someone writes a fabulous story but they aren’t even known, how will they get the reads and recognization that they deserve for that story? Support small authors! It feels like they are just rushing their stories, Okay, Let me choose the gem choice, but it doesn’t even matter, The ending is the same ANYWAYS,

And now there is a new thing, Episode is apparently deleting and banning users that are posting negative comments, Comments that just want this app to upgrade, the other day I saw a review on Episode, It wasn’t really bad but it was about the gem choices, Users were literally replying to that comment with “:clown_face:” emoji, WHY? If the user is being inappropriate or is being mean least to say, then episode has every right to delete that comment or block that user.

Personal opinion, most of the featured story follows the same script lol, I don’t wanna just see a girl falling in love with a guy, the guy fighting for her, and a happy ending, bruhh no!

They need to learn to listen to opinions, they’re just being childish! Every product gets negative and positive reviews, you gotta learn to listen to them!

The gem choices are legit, worthless, and just straight up, not needed, I mean I get it, yall need money, no hate towards that, but I wouldn’t spend 3 dollars just to “help my friend” in a story Or to have a tattoo throughout the story, come on, you guys are just pushing it.

I’ve stopped buying gems now when I downloaded this app, I mostly read all the featured stories, coz the whole app wasn’t unlocked till I had read at least 9 stories (I don’t remember the exact number of stories)

The people who first download this app get to choose between 2 featured stories, what would they like to read, And the user ends up uninstalling the app, what is the need of not giving full access to every story in the first place to the user?

I’m gonna stop now, I don’t wanna shade hate towards episode in any way, And I’m thankful for episode to give me such an amazing experience, somethings need to improve. Thank you for hearing me out <33



I totally agree with everything u say and ty for speaking out xx :revolving_hearts::revolving_hearts:


Thanks for understanding and not taking it in a wrong way, my last rant got deleted because people were taking it too personally and in the wrong way, Tysm <3


Probs cause they were all facts that everyone was scared to admit. But yh small authors do always have really good story but a hard time climbing to success xx


Totally agreeing


They’re losing the OG users and it’s sad because new users are taking over the platform of course I will not generalize all the new users just a few and not to mention ever since they changed their guidelines hell literally broke loose. We OG users don’t have a voice in this but apparently 13 year olds do :eyes: (no hate to the 13yr just sayin)


Agreeing, Its episode “choose your story” The name of the app says it all!


I forgot to mention the ads of this app! They are extremely inapropriate, Ahaha why?

I Don’t Agree With The Whole Making It Hard For Small Authors Thing. My Reason Is The People Who’s Stories Are Featured, Are (Almost) All Well Thought Out And Have Gained Recongnition Without The Help Of Being Featured, Because In Order To Be Featured Your Story Needs To Be Super Popular, And Fit The Needs Of The Episode Community. And The Featured Authors Have Proven That Their Stories Fit Our Needs. If A Small Author (Such As Myself) Gives Up Making Stories Just Because They Can’t Get Featured, Says Enough About Their Character, An Author Should Write Because They Find It Fun, Or Enjoyable, Not Because They Just Want To Be At The Top. And If You Want To Get Featured, Just Study The Trends Of The Episode Community, Have A Document, With Organized Info About Your Story, Make/Request A Decent Cover. (I Make My Own) And With Episode Decreasing The Reads of Amazing Stories By Featuring Them, Is Not Proven, In Fact It Might Make Readers Want To Read The Original, Just Saying, And Episode Gives The Author The Choice Of Whether They Want To Get Their Story Featured Or Not. It’s Not Episode’s Fault If The Author, Doesn’t Think Through All The Scenarios. Its Like If You Buy Two Lottery Tickets For You And Your Friend, And You Get The First Pick, But Your Friend Wins, So You Blame Them And Want The Money, Because You Didn’t Know That Ticket Was Going To Win.
Well That’s All I Wanted To Say! :sweat_smile:


Totally, respect your opinion :3

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Please don’t go off topic :sweat_smile:

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I agree. Also you have to read about 30 chapters to unlock community stories or pay $3 to skip it. :I


I couldn’t agree with you more, I00% agree with your topic about gem choices being over priced, its ridiculous if you ask me. I myself don’t add gem choices because in my story, because I want the reader to just enjoy reading it without worrying about paying me. I could care less about being in the top, I only write stories, because I enjoy writing them. Also, you mentioned when new people download the app, they have to read 2 stories, which is a pain. I don’t know what is Episode thinking, all stories should be available to read from the start. If Episode won’t change that, then they are the reason why so many new and old users are leaving Episode.



Agree, plus newbies on episode dont even understand how the app work and stay thinking that it has only stories with gems :roll_eyes:


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Wow, I definitely agree with you. Episode is just getting so controlling now. They want to get rid of as many talented authors as they can so there is nothing left for the readers to read but their featured stories.

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Agreeing, not telling episode to NOT feature stories, but feature stories that don’t have anything to do with gems

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I totally agree with this! Also, I stopped reading Featured stories too! If I’m interested in a story but it’s a Featured story on Episode that was originally made by someone, I just click on their profile, try to find the community version, and read that instead!

Usually, the community stories never have gems! The only kinda annoying thing is probably locked choices but that’s okay with me!

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Since when?