Just want some feedback on my first story!

Hi everyone! I just published my first story on Episode, called “Dear Molly” Author Mehree, and it would mean the world to me if i gotten some feedback on it! I’ve published 4 episodes at the moment.
It’s basically your average teenage high school story but i’ll be throwing some twists in it, just wanted to see how the first 4 episodes were and if its worth reading…!
Thank you all <3

Later on today I could give you thorough thoughts and feedback if you would like.

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yes please that’d be amazing!!
I appreciate it a lot!

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No worries :heartbeat::sparkling_heart:



Here are some thoughts I have on your story!

Episode One:

  • Okay, maybe I am an old lady so the speechbubble sizes are sort of bothering me as they are kinda small. (To return them to default size to @speechbubble reset)
  • I really like the humour in the story and loved how you introduced the characters - I found that really funny
  • I recommend when Nikita and Molly were chatting you zoom into them more. When Nikita is talking maybe zoom onto her then when Molly is talking maybe zoom onto Molly.
  • The directing isn’t too bad and I do like what I am reading so far!
  • Lmao, Rhys cannot take a hint.

Episode Two:

  • Bruh, Rhys with his bowels though.
  • Really liked the text backgrounds.
  • Great use of the OTS
  • Like it so far, I find it to be a very sweet story!

Episode Three:

  • Jacob better grow a spine…
  • I still feel bad for Leah though even if she is clingy but loved how much the choice affects the turn out.
  • I actually really like how the story is turning out so far but the episodes were a bit short for my liking, however, normally this is not a big deal for other readers

Directing is pretty good, I recommend getting some splashes done and a cover to further increase the appeal of your story! Despite what I said about the episode lengths, they were very cute!

Awww omg thank you so much :smile:
Yeah I got some feedback to add a bit more and to introduce characters so I’m happy that her advice paid off ehehe !
Do you know anybody that can do good splashes ???

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And cover photos?

There’s one I did myself (not as good) but it’s under review still >_<


Roni has a cover and splash thread but she is not open atm so when she reopens you may ask - I love her art!

Episode Bliss

Episode Harmony

Episode Dreams

If you look up covers/go on art resources as well you can find loads of artists/art groups and see which one is to your taste!